Trust Assurance Network

The Trust Assurance Network is a cryptographically secure, blockchain-based platform that delivers a layer of trust for transactions of all kinds. Whether you want to transmit trusted value or trusted information, we enable safe, transparent, and compliant transactions for a broad variety of industries and applications.

Loyalty Solutions

Trust Assurance is an industry leading provider of SaaS loyalty and rewards programs at any scale. Find out more about:

  • Assured Peer-to-Peer Marketplace – Trust Assurance gives organizations the means to create their own secure, micro-targeted marketplace for individual participants and merchants. Our solution enables a robust marketplace for your specific customer base and works with you to onboard and support the vendors that value access to your users.

    • Easily create a custom marketplace that support a range of product types, including hard goods and digital “soft” products such as software and services
    • Gain access to an existing marketplace of merchants from all over the learning ecosystem
    • Deeply discounted high quality products and services already available
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  • Trusted Loyalty/Rewards Programs – Today’s customer loyalty and rewards programs are increasingly being infiltrated by fraudsters and cybercriminals, creating significant risk for companies of all kinds while also exposing customers to fraud and theft. Our Assured Loyalty Program delivers a secure and transparent solution to ensure the accuracy of an individual’s status with regard to points, rewards, miles, or almost any other measure, and is easily integrated into existing platforms.

    • Create stronger customer relationships and increase program participation
    • Ensure accurate dissemination of points/rewards via stable tokens
    • Deliver accuracy in reporting of transactions
    • Provide easy connections from your organization to participating merchants for fulfillment and inventory
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Education Solutions

Leveraging blockchain technology, our secure funding and data exchange platform includes offerings for organizations of all sizes and business models. Learn more about:

  • Secure Donate – Secure Donate is a Trust-as-a-Service offering for schools, non-profits and philanthropic organizations that provides a cryptographically secure, fully transparent platform that creates a secure digital ‘chain’ so operators know where their funds are and where they are going.

    • The donation engine provides an easy means of accepting donations for any purpose
    • Supporters can donate with confidence via a completely secure and transparent system, including donating anonymously
    • Reduce transaction costs for the individual, family, or organization that is the recipient of donations
    • Easily meet compliance requirements via secure and accurate reporting
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  • Trusted Records Retriever – This Trust-as-a-Service offering provides a quick and easy way to acquire, organize and share verified records of all kinds for individuals, families, and organizations.

    • Provides users (companies, individuals, families and more) with an easy way to securely store verified records
    • Delivers an easy mechanism for organizations to instantly pull accurate, pre-verified records for students, applicants, and more
    • Enables a completely transparent and efficient way to share verified records
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  • Hometown Hero – The Hometown Hero Program is a unique opportunity for people who have been successful to support the community that supported them. By sponsoring a reading-based fundraising event, you can be more than a hometown hero, you can be a role model. Show your community that you support them and their love of reading.

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Branded Content Delivery

Using our proprietary engine, customize your content to engage a mobile workforce. Find out more about :

  • Mobile Training Solution – Mobile Training Solution is an innovative and engaging new way to ensure your team understands vital organizational documents. Using both sophisticated AI supported by an expert editorial team, Trust Assurance divides the content (such as an employee handbook or any other document) into manageable chunks and then develops questions for each chunk that validate comprehension. Delivered in a co-branded app for both iOS and Android, Mobile Training Solution gives employees the flexibility to read and study on their mobile device wherever and whenever they choose. Employers get up-to-the minute visibility on which team members have read the content, which have understood it and which need additional support.

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  • Assured Notary+   This Trust-as-a-Service solution enables organizations to transform any existing record into a portable verified record that cannot be faked. Whether it’s grades, certifications, credit status, classes completed, or achievements secured, verifying who has accomplished what can be a guessing game today. Assured Notary+ eliminates this issue by enabling organizations to confidently make decisions based on the knowledge that an entity has done exactly what they say they’ve done.

    • Turn any set of records into portable verified records that do not require third-party validation
    • Easily view receipts for all transactions
    • Support multiple levels of verification from none-at-all to strict, validated verification processes
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