Trust Assurance separates itself from any other blockchain system in the world by combining Value Transfer via a Non-Fungible Token (Stablecoin), Digitally Notarized Records, and an Identity Cloud into white-label software offerings ready for quick deployment.

Rewards Management / Rewards Programs

Today’s customer loyalty and rewards programs are increasingly being infiltrated by fraudsters and cybercriminals, creating significant risk for companies of all kinds while also exposing customers to fraud and theft. Our rewards program delivers a secure and transparent solution to ensure the accuracy of an individual’s status with regard to points, rewards, miles, or almost any other measure, and is easily integrated into existing platforms.

  • Create stronger customer relationships and increase program participation
  • Ensure accurate dissemination of points/rewards via blockchain
  • Deliver accuracy in reporting of transactions
  • Provide easy connections from your organization to participating merchants for fulfillment and inventory

Assured Peer-to-Peer Marketplace

Trust Assurance gives organizations the means to create their own secure, micro-targeted marketplace for redemption of rewards. Our robust marketplace enhance your overall customer experience.

  • Include hard goods and digital “soft” products such as software and services
  • Gain access to an existing marketplace of merchants in our network