A Unique Approach to Creating Trust Across the Internet

Trust Assurance Network Overview

In a world full to the brim with competing security solutions that claim to keep you and your information safe online, the Trust Assurance Network stands apart as the organization that has truly “cracked the code” on a fast, secure, and easy means of establishing trustworthy connections across digital networks.

Unlike other firms, we didn’t begin development based on a single feature or transaction element, such as payments. Instead, we have built a fully integrated platform that delivers a superior solution for every layer of the trust “stack” from establishing identity to fulfilling fiscal transactions based on reputation and trust.

Our inspiration comes from real-world use cases that we found personally frustrating and knew could be done more effectively. In fact, our architecture was born from the most basic and compelling of motivations – protecting our own loved ones. Since we started with a focus on new models for learning our use case questions started with, “How do we keep our kids 100% safe online but let them read books?” and “How can we let our kids spend money without giving up their personal information?”

Our solutions to these questions raised even more widely applicable quandaries. How do you provide high integrity accounting for organizations raising and managing money? How do you add truth to information, especially around educational records both inside and outside the formal education system? how do you change the economics of education by using peer to peer connections to receive academic support? With those questions solved, it became clear that our platform has applicability far beyond just education.

In searching for our answers, blockchain was an obvious starting point, but glaring issues with performance, ease-of-use, integration, and other problems forced us to build a new system from scratch. The result of our efforts is a compelling technical architecture that leverages blockchain but significantly improves its use and cannot be easily replicated.

Some of the benefits of our unique approach include:

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