What Drives the
Trust Assurance Network

The vision of the Trust Assurance Network is a world where every organization and individual can easily understand and trust their exchanges with one another across any digital network. To this end, we have built a unique platform that provides a bridge between the content and records of yesterday and the new business models and technologies coming tomorrow. We believe that the future of learning and business across the web must include trust as a vital component.

Designed and built by pioneers in the ecommerce and web services markets, the Trust Assurance Network is a next generation blockchain-based Software-as-a-Service platform that augments any existing service offering with the means to address the critical problems of reputation and trust.

While the Trust Assurance Network is applicable to just about any industry or business that needs to exchange information across a network, our initial focus is on the learning ecosystem. Today’s education market is undergoing seismic change, as new alternative models for learning and skill acquisition are displacing legacy, institutional models for learning and training. The global market to address these new models is forecast to be as much as $341 billion by 2025 (HolonIQ, 2019).

However, fraud, privacy issues, accurate records of individual achievement and the reputation of their provenance are all barriers to developing a new system for exchanging value and recording progress. In a global education market that spans a diverse, heterogeneous landscape of learning and education providers, solving these issues will mean the difference between first-mover advantage and playing catch up to more nimble competitors.

The Trust Assurance Network has already attracted the attention of state departments of education, social service groups, banks, money transmission companies, and a host of globally-recognized content publishers and other players seeking new markets. Scaling up to address the broad range of opportunities to meet demand, the company is seeking strategic partnerships interested in accelerating the Trust Assurance Network to meet the growing demands of the education ecosystem and beyond.

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