The Next Generation of Blockchain-Enabled Applications

The Trust Assurance Network

Trust-as-a-Service to securely interact across the Internet

The Trust Assurance Network is the first and only Trust-as-a-Service blockchain-based platform that delivers a simple, powerful, and secure means of exchange. The Trust Assurance Network can provide everything you need to build applications at scale, including APIs, a stable token, and a records-transaction component. Unlike other blockchain solutions that focus solely on payments, our solution is capable of securing any credential, skill, donation, payment, achievement, or other data log that needs to be recorded and tracked.

Building Trust into Your Business

Trust-as-a-Service Solutions

Trust Assurance’s SaaS solutions infuse existing service offerings with security, transparency, and assist with compliance.

Our portfolio of solutions include:

  • Assured Peer-to-Peer Marketplace
  • Trusted Loyalty and Rewards Programs
  • Mobile Training Solutions
  • Secure Donate
  • Hometown Hero
  • Trust Records Retriever
  • Assured Notary+
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Trust Assurance Technologies

Leveraging blockchain technology, our secure funding and data exchange platform includes offerings for organizations of all sizes and business models.

Our technology portfolio includes:

  • Blockchain Application Development Platform
  • Mobile Content Publisher development tools and app
  • Patent-pending Sovereign Identity system
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